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In our journey through life we’ve all experienced times of dryness and a thirst that cannot be quenched. We also experience relational strife and countless hardships. Wilderness experiences in our lives are filled with opportunities to look beyond our own fears and circumstances, and to rely on God for direction. What course do we take when the trail is marred with inconceivable obstacles? How do we overcome Everest sized mountains, and valleys with depths too low to fathom? Do we turn back or move ahead, forging a path through the unknown? Scripture says, "Be strong, fear not! Behold your God will come... He will come to save you," Isaiah 35:4. Those who choose to trust in and rely on God, they will always discover a way out and, "it shall be called the Holy Way," (Isaiah 35:8). No matter what we face in life, God will forge a new way and make provision for those who call out in the wilderness and receive from Him.

CrossWays Expeditions gives direction and guidance to those seeking to live adventurously while apprehending all that God has planned and purposed for their life. Are you someone who is willing to face the fears, struggles, and trials of life with your trust firmly fixed on Christ our guide? CrossWays Expeditions will challenge, encourage, equip and train followers in their pursuit of Christ's direction. There is nothing like a challenge to make us feel fully alive in Him!

See yourself as a future leader? A risk taker? CrossWays Expeditions will equip you with the tools to stretch beyond your own limits, and help others to stretch beyond theirs. This adventure requires a courageous examination of one's personal life, and the courage to meet the physical and emotional demands of rappelling, backpacking, climbing, hiking, and learning teamwork. It will challenge your strength and endurance and help you in your own trek of personal discovery and vision. CrossWays Expeditions could play a key role in helping you find your direction.

CrossWays Expeditions takes place in diverse locations:

  • Rock Climbing/Rappelling Day Trips - Lake Mineral Wells State Park
  • Hiking Adventures Day Trips - Lake Mineral Wells State Park and the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge (Oklahoma)
  • Weekend Camping Trips - Lake Mineral Wells State Park and the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge (Oklahoma)
  • Summer Treks - CrossWays Expeditions leads summer 6-day backpacking treks in the Colorado Rockies. Challenge your group with rappelling, hiking, and attempting to summit a 13 to 14 thousand foot peak. Experience times of spiritual solitude, and a unique opportunity for personal growth and direction. Our experienced staff, along with wilderness guides provided by Wilderness Expeditions, will facilitate and guide the trip. Wilderness Expeditions is a Christian-based guide and outfitting service and has worked with camps for over 20 years. It is the largest commercial outfitter in the state of Colorado with a Forest Service outfitter permit.

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Mailing Address:CrossWays Ministries
c/o Danny Cox
P.O. Box 48675
Ft. Worth, Texas 76148

Email:danny [at] crosswaysexpeditions [dot] com