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World Missions • Vietnam

These elderly women, abandoned by society and rejected by their families because of their Christian faith, would have no help except that provided by Anna's Mercy project. They live in the remote highlands and are too old to work. Every month they need support for food and medicine. Anna's Project, funded by donations, provides for them, and as she says, "They always praise the Lord for His provision."

Joshua has led hundreds of people to Jesus in his outreach to Cambodia and oversees a number of small home churchs there. While assigned to care for a church in Phnom Penh, he planted several other cell groups in the suburbs. He started classes to teach illiterate Vietnamese, immigrants who fled to Kong Pong Som, so they could read the Bible. These children are from poor families who live on the boats along the Mekong River. They have no place to call home. Their class room has only a roof and a floor. Joshua is praying to have a church facility built here as the old place is severely damaged due to a recent storm. About 40 children attend this class. Mingled into the Vietnamese lessons are Bible lessons and hymnals. Now, all of them have come to believe in Jesus. We finance Joshua's salary and the rent of the school building.

My, a young women in her twenties, teaches ten children at a home we sponsor in Saigon. The youngest of these kids is six years old and the oldest is thirteen. My teaches them the Bible and English. Her younger sister helps by teaching them mathematics, reading, writing, and dictation. Some of these children are so hungry for Jesus they pray for hours. This school not only provides an education, it feeds them, washes their clothes and keeps them clean. They need someone to stay at the house full time as a mother. My's income is extremely small and she needs a motorbike to go back and forth every time she goes to school. We need additional support to grow this project, provide transportation for My, and provide for the personal needs of the children.

Pastor Thai vistis the tribal people in the remote highlands of Central Vietnam and those in the local villages of Hai Phong and Kanoi. Baptisms take place where ever possible in the remote rivers [see above], and sometimes in village wells. We finance his outreach.

A local pastor proudly displays the VCR player we purchased for him and the Vietnamese language International Bible Cirruculum we provided. Local pastors duplicate the material and use it to disciple converts in the countryside, where trained pastors are few. We also provide pastors quality cassette players which they use to record Christian radio programs and teach small home churches.

Phuoc Mai, Hung, Tuan, Hoang & Minh are some of the proud business owners whose ventures were made possible by our Micro-Business Fund. God is prospering these endeavors, enabling Christians to have a quality of life that is generally hindered by the government because of their faith.Christians are relagated to the lowest paying jobs and their properties often confiscated in the goverments efforts to crack down on the rising growth of Christianity.

Taking the gospel to Vietnam involves creative ways to reach the populace and build lasting relationships. This takes us to the outer reaches of Tay Ninh and Cu Chi as well as the inner cities of Da Nang and Saigon.

Construction projects are one of the ways we build up the body of Christ and leave a lasting mark.

Any donations can be mailed to CrossWays Ministries (memo - Vietnam) or you can donate online.

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