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World Missions


CrossWays partners with Joe and Cindy. Retired Texans who recently moved to Panajachel, Guatemala. Over half the population of Guatemala lives on less that $2 a day and 15% on less than $1 a day. Guatemala's social development indicators, such as infant mortality, chronic child malnutrition, and illiteracy, are among the worst in the hemisphere. Click here for more information


Vietnam is a communist controlled country where Christianity is suppressed. Outside involvement is seen as unwanted intervention, punishable by imprisonment. Still, we support the underground church through mission trips and monthly offerings which finance evangelism, pastoral care, construction projects, food & medicine for the elderly, micro-business ventures, discipleship programs and two children's schools. Click here for more information


Bulgaria, a country in economic and spiritual turmoil, provides rich soil for the planting of the gospel. Yanko Enev, who publishes "Revival" the only Christian Newspaper in the country, unleashes his passion for Christ by reaching out to the prison population in Sofia, personal appearances on the only live Christian radio program in the nation, and discipleship for men using the Christian Men's Network material. Our financial support makes this work possible. Click here for more information

Other Missions

Other mission projects have included outreach to Mexico, Honduras, Russia, Ireland, and Scotland, where we work alongside indigenous nationals in an effort to spread the gospel to every prebeliever and touch people's hearts through service projects.

World Missions


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